Welcome to KIA Karate USA!

Welcome to KIA Karate USA!

Kyushindo International Association (KIA) Karate is the group of clubs based in UK, Italy, Australia and now the US, under the direction of chief instructor Ricky Giardina (9th Dan). 

Training in Kyushindo Karate is a perfect way for anyone to get into shape. It’s not a requirement to be a star athlete, as we are able to accommodate an entire range of abilities. Students regularly attending our classes report an increase of muscle definition and decrease in body fat, their physique becomes molded into a leaner and trimmer form and core strength improves tremendously. Flexibility, balance and general body awareness also improves markedly.

Kyushindo is a relatively modern “freestyle” martial art originating in the UK during the mid-20th century developed principally by budō master Kenshiro Abbe . Kyushindo has taken influence from traditional Japanese styles of martial arts (such as Shotokan Karate and Judo), but also from the flowing forms of Chinese “soft” style arts (principally Tai Chi and Bagua). It is not based on physical strength or bulk, but on technique, balance and speed. It uses circular movement, harnessing an opponent’s force and using it against them. Unlike some traditional schools, Kyushindo does not perform techniques that use unnatural movements, realizing this form of training will almost certainly lead to long-term damage.

Kyushindo Karate is a wonderful activity for children, too. It is a positive and safe channel for a child’s abundant energy. Not only does it help to achieve fitness, but over time improves concentration, self-confidence and respect for themselves and others. Ongoing exposure to KIA Karate training will undoubtedly foster self-discipline and improve social skills. In recent years, doctors have proven that children diagnosed with ADHD or ADD derive great benefit from Karate training, noticeably improving both self-control and their ability to focus.

Many new students arrive at KIA Karate simply with the goal of improving fitness, learning defense, relieving stress or forming positive friendships. However, with more knowledge comes a greater understanding that the true and ultimate goal in Karate training, is perfection of our being.