Karate for Men and Women

Karate for Adults

At KIA Karate, we teach the art of Kyushindo, a fluid, but forceful form of Karate. Our style has been well developed and adapted over the years so that our students become more balanced and skilled in handling the world around them, using their mind, spirit and physical body.

It is important to know how to effectively defend yourself, and your family, in our world today. In order to be prepared, certain mental and physical skills must be developed, such as knowing where, how and when to strike using your body in the most effective and efficient way possible – it’s greatest potential. Executing techniques properly and leveraging your body effectively can both be powerful elements to defense. With adequate mental and physical training, our students learn to automatically respond defensively to various situations that could present themselves and also adapt ways to manage adrenaline and fear. Having this knowledge and experience can reduce the fear response, replaced by confidence and skill.

Training in Kyushindo Karate is also a perfect way for anyone to get into shape. It’s not a requirement to be a star athlete, as we are able to accommodate an entire range of abilities. Students regularly attending our classes report an increase of muscle definition and decrease in body fat, their physique becomes molded into a leaner and trimmer form and core strength improves tremendously. Flexibility, balance and general body awareness also improves markedly.

In general, a good workout at the end of the day is a great way to relieve stress and return you home to your family a more peaceful and productive person. At KIA Karate, we appreciate that a balanced and peaceful mind is as vital as a strong body. The mental clarity and personal discipline which develops over time gives rise to a naturally calmer mind free from negative emotions. You become a more pleasant person to be around and are also more capable of directing your mind to achieve your goals, peacefully and steadily.

Many new students arrive simply with the goal of improving fitness, learning defense, relieving stress or forming positive friendships. However, with more knowledge comes a greater understanding that the true and ultimate goal in Karate training, and life in general, is perfection of our being, which can begin having established a foundation of inner peace. A true Karate-ka is slow to anger and knows that walking away from a fight or any other harmful influence is usually the best path of honor and virtue.

Benefits of KIA Karate include:

    • KIA Karate shapes a person’s being with an increased respect for themselves and others, leadership skills, confidence and self-esteem.
    • KIA Karate teaches the importance of strong values, as our principles entail honor, respect, integrity and living a balanced life.
    • KIA Karate is an effective martial art for self defense and an exciting dynamic sport. It’s fun!
    • KIA Karate improves muscle strength, flexibility and speed, enabling you to react faster in life threatening situations and benefit you in any other sport you might participate in.
    • KIA Karate is a good cardiovascular workout strengthening the heart and lungs.
    • KIA Karate encourages perfect posture as it relies on the core stabilization and, hence, strong abdominal muscles.
    • KIA Karate requires mental activation and therefore helps to improve focus and concentration.
    • KIA Karate is a great way to make positive friendships.
    • KIA Karate improves general well being and vitality whilst encouraging assertiveness and self confidence.
    • Correct KIA Karate practice gives rise to inner peace, the foundation of many good qualities.