Karate for Children

Karate for Children

Kyushindo Karate is a wonderful activity for boys and girls. It is a positive and safe channel for a child’s abundant energy. Not only does it help to achieve fitness, but over time improves concentration, self-confidence and respect for themselves and others. Ongoing exposure to martial arts training will undoubtedly foster self-discipline and improve social skills.

In recent years, doctors have proven that children diagnosed with ADHD or ADD derive great benefit from Karate training, noticeably improving both self-control and their ability to focus. Children suffering from obesity will see tremendous results from the structured, full-body training regime that our KIA Karate classes offer, maintaining a healthy body now and establishing wholesome habits for the future. In our carefully crafted classes, children learn proper behavior and respect for rules in the “dojo”, encouraging the same behavior in life, such as the home and the classroom.

 Children learn about self defense, gain fitness and derive positive mental habits, but more importantly, KIA Karate is a life improving experience that yields a stronger character, eventually permeating to every aspect of their life.

 Other benefits for your child:

  • KIA Karate helps to prevent being bullied or becoming a bully. Children today face more aggressive bullying than ever before. It’s essential they have the skills necessary to guard and protect their mental and physical well being. Kids who know how to defend themselves usually don’t have to, because they carry themselves in a more confident manner and confidence alone is a deterrent to bullies.
  • KIA Karate helps children deal with peer pressure, as students gain the mental strength to combat these pressures and establish the mental space to distinguish between good and bad – right and wrong.
  • KIA Karate shapes a child’s character with an increased sense of responsibility, respect for themselves and others, leadership skills, confidence and self-esteem.
  • KIA Karate can improve school performance by increasing attention span, listening and concentration skills.
  • The ranking system distinguishes proficiency and seniority and is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals.
  • KIA Karate is a proven martial art for self defense.
  • KIA Karate is fun!