Karate for Seniors

Karate for Seniors

Being able to defend yourself doesn’t just apply to kids or younger adults. Sadly, older people are often quite vulnerable, as respect for elders and general morals seems to have degenerated.

At KIA Karate, we recognize the benefits of regular exercise, physical activity, and mental focus. Our classes naturally strengthen the body and aide our senior students to feel better with increased flexibility. Stretching the upper and lower body combined with low-impact exercises can maintain joint flexibility and range of movement, providing a light workout with strengthening and aerobic movements that can counteract arthritic pain.

Kyushindo Karate is a wonderful way of maintaining fitness at many different levels and, over time, can bring a new lease of life to any body.

Some additional ways that KIA Karate can benefit seniors include:

  • KIA Karate is an effective martial art for self defense and an exciting dynamic sport.
  • KIA Karate improves muscle strength, flexibility and speed, enabling you to react faster in life threatening situations or life, in general.
  • KIA Karate is a good workout strengthening the heart and lungs, lowering blood pressure, preventing coronary heart disease and promoting healthy digestion. Karate can prevent weight gain or help to maintain weight loss.
  • KIA Karate aides hand/eye coordination and requires mental activation and, therefore, helps to improve focus and concentration.
  • KIA Karate improves general well being and vitality whilst encouraging assertiveness and self confidence.
  • KIA Karate can assist with managing and relieving stress.
  • KIA Karate can help to combat depression and feelings of loneliness.