Karate for Teenagers

Karate for Teens

If it isn’t difficult enough being a teen, it’s widely acknowledged that today’s generation have more challenges than many of their predecessors. Obesity, school violence, drug and alcohol abuse and cyber bullying are a few of the special circumstances they face, not to mention the extraordinary social pressures from media sources. These all provide what, at times, seems an overwhelming number of challenges to the well being of our youth.

KIA Karate classes are a great physical workout, which will enhance overall athletic ability. The strength and power of explosive movements, together with the balance and subtle body control required for Kyushindo Karate will also carryover into all physical activities, supporting any other sport they wish to pursue.

The focus and concentration developed brings about a more peaceful nature and an increased sense of self confidence. Over time, KIA Karate will help to create a more rounded, content person who is is better able to distinguish wholesome paths and who has the positive energy and mental space to make the most of the opportunities our world presents.

Kyushindo Karate is, of course, a proven method of self defense that can be used to get out of an undesirable situation. It is widely known that teens who are able to defend themselves often times don’t have to. An attitude of self confidence alone can be a powerful deterrent to bullies and aggressors. Teens attending our classes enjoy a fun fitness activity where they are encouraged and supported and can partake in positive social interaction with their fellow students.

Some of the added benefits of KIA Karate training for teens include:

  • KIA Karate helps to prevent being bullied or becoming a bully. Teens today face more aggressive bullying than ever before. It’s essential they have the skills necessary to guard and protect their mental and physical well being. Teens who know how to defend themselves usually don’t have to because they carry themselves in a more confident manner and confidence alone is a deterrent to bullies.
  • KIA Karate helps teens deal with increasing peer pressures, as students are taught to combat these pressures by distinguishing between right and wrong. Karate mentors can also illustrate the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices, such as avoiding drugs and alcohol.
  • KIA Karate promotes self discipline and respect for others. We enforce good rules of behavior within the class and encourage students to utilize these skills both at home and in the classroom. Karate encourages self control and temper control.
  • The ranking system distinguishes proficiency and seniority and is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals.
  • KIA Karate shapes a teen’s character forming a well-rounded young adult with an increased sense of responsibility, respect for themselves and others, leadership skills, confidence and self-esteem.
  • KIA Karate teaches the importance of strong values, as our principles entail honor, respect, integrity and living a balanced life.
  • KIA Karate helps to develop a positive and healthy self image for teens and can instill an honorable inner compass to help to guide them through the challenging and confusing years of adolescence and young adulthood.
  • KIA Karate can improve school performance by increasing attention span, listening and concentration skills, preparing teens for the possible choice for additional education and the work place. Karate also merits the value of hard work.
  • KIA Karate is an effective martial art for self defense and an exciting dynamic sport. It’s fun!
  • KIA Karate improves muscle strength, flexibility and speed, enabling you to react faster in life threatening situations and benefit you in any sport you participate in.
  • KIA Karate is a good cardiovascular workout, strengthening the heart and lungs.
  • KIA Karate encourages perfect posture as it relies on the core stabilization and, hence, strong abdominal muscles.
  • KIA Karate requires mental activation and, therefore, helps to improve focus and concentration.
  • KIA Karate improves general well being and vitality whilst encouraging assertiveness and self confidence.