Advice of Kenshiro Abbe – Dojo Etiquette

1. Do not forget, the dojo is not only the place where we train, it is also a moral and cultural school.

2. When entering or leaving, never forget to bow to the tatami (training mat where we train, the best for Karate is the wooden parquet).

3. In Karate, respect the general rules of politeness.

4. During training, in any situation, make the effort to help everybody, avoiding any embarrassment and annoyance.

5. Always respect the higher grades and accept their advice without objection. Also, the higher grades should constantly encourage the less experienced to help them improve.

6. When not training, you should maintain correct behavior and never show poor posture even when tired.

7. To remain quiet and, if necessary, speak only quietly, preferably about Karate and it’s applications.

8. Never leave the tatami without first having the teacher’s permission.

9. To aim for constant correctness, to have a clean body and Karate-Gi, and to straighten up your Gi when necessary.

10. Do not wear t-shirts, jumpers or trousers under the Karate-Gi  unless having authorization from the teacher.

11. Finger and toe nails must be cut short and clean before every lesson . You must take off any bracelets, necklace and/or rings which can be an hazard for you and others. (The only exception is a wedding ring which should still be covered with tape.)

12. Always be on time for the lesson. Never leave the dojo before the end of the lesson unless you have authorization from the teacher.

13. At the beginning and the end of every lesson, the teacher and the students bow to one another. All the students will form a row in front of the teacher. Everybody has to observe their Karate-Gi is tidy.

14. If you are not able to practice, you should go to the dojo and observe the lesson with attention, as you will still learn from the teacher.

15. Just before entering or after leaving the dojo, you should not smoke. You should behave with discretion. Conversation should be directed towards wholesome subjects.