Our Instructor Kevin Price

Kevin Price KIA Karate USA

Kevin Price is a Karate instructor with a great deal of experience, having studied and practiced the martial arts for over 20 years. He began back in 1986 with Bill Winfield. After a break of a few years from formal training, in the mid-nineties he resumed practice at the University of Bath for a year before meeting his current teacher, Ricky Giardina, in 1997.

Kevin was awarded his black belt in 1998, the following year receiving his 1st Dan. Shortly afterward, he became an instructor, opening his own club in Bristol, as well as teaching at a number of clubs in the surrounding area. He was a member of the KIA Karate team who ranked first in the British Karate Association Open Championships, one of three national-level podium finishes over the years.

1999 began a particularly intense seven-year period of practice in which he would train for more than five hours a day, dedicating himself to improving his technique, his body and his mind. April 2000 saw him pass his instructor’s badge with FEKDA (European Federation) also gaining his 2nd Dan in the process. Two years later, he was graded 3rd Dan.

Over time, Kevin naturally favored the spiritual aspects of the art, as opposed to the competitive side, turning away from competition and instead focusing all his energy towards nurturing his students whilst also continuing on his own path of personal improvement.

In September 2006, after seven years teaching in the Bristol area, he passed over his classes to other instructors and took the time to focus completely on his meditation practice, spending his time in formal retreat and living in a number of Buddhist communities. During this time, Kevin had the opportunity to practice with various yoga teachers, integrating some of their exercises into his daily routine. He also taught a number of meditation courses, helping people to overcome stress and develop peace in their daily lives. 

In May 2014, Kevin returned to Bristol and was asked by his teacher, Ricky Giardina, to represent KIA Karate in the USA. Upon arriving in the US, KIA Karate USA  affiliated with the US Martial Arts Association and Kevin was invited to present himself before members of the board. After testing, his instructor status was confirmed and he was awarded a 5th Dan black belt.