Private Lessons

Personal Trainer Milwaukee

However high or low your fitness level currently is, Karate will certainly help improve it. Whatever your personal fitness goals, a private lesson is the best way to ensure you get a program tailored to your exact needs. Not only is there a full range of physical and mental exercise on offer, but you are also learning self defense.

The program may be designed for an individual or a small group and can even be arranged in your home or workplace. The session content/emphasis is crafted specifically to your choice, and may include:

  • Cardio Fitness – Exercise to work your lungs, heart and overall endurance.  
  • Strength Training – Build explosive power through weight bearing exercises.
  • Classical Karate – Good all round exercise to build agility, power, endurance, coordination and balance.
  • Self Defense – Tactics and techniques to help keep you safe.
  • Yoga – Gentle exercises and stretches to improve your flexibility, balance, health and well being.
  • Meditation– Mental exercises to improve your concentration, focus and overall well being

Lessons start at $60 for one person for one hour. Discounts are available for groups or regular bookings. Please contact us to discuss a training program created precisely to your needs.